Being able to filter nonsense, when it is confirmation bias or being reasonable?

Blockquote 2. If all things are distinct then all things are connected by the nature of being distinct thus no distinction occurs. This is a paradox.

I feel like I know what people are going to say about the above thread but a second opinion never hurts. It is related to my broader point though.

In short when can you outright dismiss something as just nonsense and when are you committing confirmation bias.

The first five points in his thread were…nonsense, chief among being saying that truth can’t be logically or reasonably known and yet proceeds with a thread that attempts to do that. The tail end of it on page 5 is even more stuff that I can only really describe as mangled Buddhism.

A taste but be warned if you wish to read more:

Blockquote 17. Sameness is an absence of distinctions which separate things and perpetual distinction is an absence of distinction as there is no distinctions between distinctions if all there is is distinction. Dually from another angle to distinguish distinctions is to have the phenomenon of distinction negate itself through a self-opposition thus is paradoxically no longer distinction as it distinguishes away distinctions.

Blockquote 25. In everything being different everything is the same by sharing the quality of ‘standing apart’ or rather ‘distinctness’. In everything being the same everything is different as sameness requires multiplicity (i.e. a thing cannot be the same as itself without there first being multiple states which equate) and with this multiplicity comes distinctness due to differences in time and space, thus there is neither sameness nor difference.

As much as I would like to write that off as the pure nonsense it is, part of me still wants to be charitable and not do so as that is “Close minded” or something like that. I guess I saying…am I right to do so? When does open mindedness have it’s limits and it becomes OK to just say “Yeaaaah…no” to something without further thought?

Always. When the expressions are not well thought out, when they contradict reality.

Really? As you can see I really couldn’t change the mind of the dude in the thread. I tried to say that what he’s saying isn’t a contradiction nor is that what it means. Contradiction is stuff that is in opposition to each other, or that you can’t be two things at once in conflict with each other. Unless by that you mean an apple isn’t a lion and can’t be both things at once, but that’s stretching the def to be meaningless.

Same would go for the “Distinction”, I don’t think everything is connected by being distinct from each other. That sounds…off to me. Just because things are connected doesn’t mean they aren’t distinct from each other.

I don’t know, the more I try to make sense of the dude the more insane I feel myself becoming. Maybe I am too generous.

The dude didn’t look worth the trouble. I just skimmed the thread.

Oh…I guess I was hoping for an explanation as to why he was wrong.