BBC Television - Question Time

Every Thursday evening there is a BBC 1 programme, Question Time. It is held at a different location every week, from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The panel usually consists of four polititians (usually Members of Parliament, one from each of the four main parties) and someone from popular culture (maybe an actor, comedian, novelist etc). Sometimes the fifth member of the panel is a person representing the fifth most popular political party, currently The Green Party. The audience consists of a fair representation of the support of the five main parties.
All the questions are from the live audience and no panel member has advance notice of the content of any of the questions. The audience get invited to respond to some of the answers given by the panel. Sometimes the comments from an individual audience member can be of such consequence that they are re-played on the various news media and can be a ‘live’ issue for a few days.
Here is last Thursday’s episode. The Jeremy Corbyn that they speak of is the leader of The Labour Party. ‘MEP’ is Member Of the European Parliament.