Avengers : Endgame

Just read on Huffpost US that ;Avengers:Endgame" has grossed $2 billion world wide. Wow. Even allowing for inflation over the last 50 years, that is is still a serious amount of money .

From memory, I think I saw the first “Captain America”,an was underwhelmed. (2 stars) Quite liked “Wonder Woman” (3 stars) ,"Wolverine (3 stars)’ and that franchise. Even didn’t mind "Black Panther '(2.5 stars)

Haven’t seen the recent Avenger movies ,and have no desire to do so because of the hyperbole. I’ve been conned so often by box office hits, I’m beginning to think Box office is an inverse measurement of of quality and taste. Am I being too harsh, too elitist?*

*I admit to being elitist, but I hope not an extreme one

Sounds like reasonable skepticism to me. You never really know til u see it. But I am in no hurry to see it.

Patrick D, if you’re elitist, then I am too. Superhero movies are to me, like DEET is to a mosquito.

There are a bunch on Netflix that I ignore, but a friend convinced me to try Antman and Wasp, so I spent an evening watching it. According to my friend, the relationship between Antman and his daughter would make it worth my time. Although the father/daughter relationship was fun, it wasn’t nearly enough to bring the whole movie experience up to more than a 2 out of 5.

It’s actually annoying to have the taste in movies that I do. People think I’m impossible to please or believe I think I’m ‘too good’ for action movies. But none of that is remotely true- I love lots of movies, just not the majority of what’s been shown in theaters over the last few decades.

There have been a few ‘based on real life’ movies that I didn’t mind, but they’re so few and far between that it’s been years since I’ve cared to even look to see what’s in theaters.


I’m a comic book fan from way back, and at first I was so excited that they were starting to make movies about these characters I had read about. The problem from my perspective was that they would change the characters far too much in the process of making a movie. A certain amount of alteration you could understand. After all the characters had grown through years and years of adventures. How are you going to sum up all that one two-hour movie?

So I did enjoy the “Captain America, the First Avenger”, because although some changes had been made, it was still basically the same character I loved. The next movie, “Winter Soldier”, I wasn’t such a fan of. My favorite part was the very beginning, when he meets Sam Wilson while running around the Mall. And I liked the battle with Batroc. From there on, the movie sort of went downhill. Some of the plot twists didn’t make a lot of sense. And the climax of the movie requires destroying three giant flying aircraft carriers over Washington D.C.! Where does the wreckage go? I call this the Video Game theory of action movies – that once you destroy something, the pieces just automatically disintegrate.

I didn’t particularly like “Age of Ultron” either, because the silly personality they gave the robot. And the Scarlet Witch was not the character from the comics at all, she was more like Jean Gray from the X-Men.

I didn’t really enjoy “Civil War” either. The whole argument that superheroes are somehow to blame for all the mayhem that villains cause is pretty ridiculous to me. I kept waiting for someone to say, “Okay fine. We’ll just hang up our costumes and retire. Do you think we like risking our lives? The next time Doctor Doom takes over the world, let us know how that works out for you.” I didn’t even enjoy the fight scene at the airport between the two groups of heroes.

So I’m not exactly champing at the bit to see either “Infinity Wars” or “Endgame”. I’m perfectly content to wait until they come on television.