Arctic Is Thawing So Fast Scientists Are Losing Their Measuring Tools


Good for disaster capitalism?

Well, the idea of global climate change scares me. I’ve been confident, since the early 80’s, that I’ll be dead before it becomes personally inconvenient. Lately, I’m not so confident.

I suspect the economic effect will be catastrophic because of the nature of the beast. The market economy is very fragile, built on confidence and the absurd notion of infinite growth. Also very skittish; minor changes can cause a crash. How the market will react to a genuine catastrophe such as climate change and coastal cities being flooded doesn’t bear thinking about.

–any system built on the concept of infinite growth and the notion that objects have intrinsic value, is doomed. It’s always been a matter of when, not if.

Be fascinating to see the new system. I can’t yet imagine a different economic system with the same level sophistication in the division of labour. I have no problem imaging a return to something like a feudal system of social organisation—perhaps lots of petty warlords, within a few years the collapse of capitalism.

All the talk about adaption is capitalist lies

“All the talk about adaption is capitalist lies”


I’m afraid so, or at least self deception of a high order.


Putin defends climate deniers and looks forward to the Arctic melting
The Russian president also praised “opponents” of climate action.


As heat sweeps over the Arctic, Moscow seeks way to adapt
A global heatwave is gaining force and the Russian government appears to acknowledge that its Arctic will be among the regions worst hit. But the country’s response is not combat of climate change, but rather adaption to the new reality.
By Atle Staalesen January 04, 2019

Aaah hello. Putin is very much of the capitalist class

Capitalism has made it possible for humans to overpopulate and thrive, for the most part. The problem with capitalism is its inherent exploitative aspect. Limit that, and you can have a decent society. And that’s what we should do, until we have a virtually free source of energy. With a virtually free source of energy, a fundamentally different economic system could be functional.

Not allowed under capitalism if it cant be privatised

It might not be allowed under a 100% capitalist system, but that doesn’t exist. the US is painfully too far in that direction, but even it is nowhere near all the way.

I think more advanced countries like the Scandinavian ones, are probably the most likely to be able to do what needs to be done.

“Not allowed under capitalism if it cant be privatised”

You might be surprised at what can exist under capitalism.

Here in Australia, we had a company which be described as syndicalist. It was called “Fletcher Jones and Staff” , a chain of Menswear shops. All employees had shares for which they were paid dividends. The company belonged , legally and actually, to the 300 odd staff. Not sure if that counts as “privatised”; a private company. Here basic utilities, such as Tele communications Water and Power have been privatised. In each case that means each became a public company with thousand of share holders.

THE main drive of capitalism is indeed profit. However, that is not necessarily the motive of every single capitalist. But ,yeah, in principle, even small companies fail if they do not follow first principles of Capitalism.

The link below is to an interesting doco, “The Fabric Of A dream”




Perhaps also worth having glance a the theory of anarcho syndicalism. Not sure if it has ever been tried successfully .