A truly timeless rap - PERRY

A truly timeless rap - PERRY
I started watching this video for a nice distraction after a frustrating writing day and dwelling on the Napa/Sonoma fires and the uncertainty over the town of Calistoga. Increased heat and wind and it could be gone, this is not a movie. Not that it’s more important than the other catastrophes going down, but this one’s personal, I know the town and the landscape fairly well and have deeply loved that area since the early 70s so this hurts in a way places I haven’t touched or connected with can’t.
Especially having spent a fews months out there three years ago which renewed many old memories while creating a host of new ones. It was time for something positive.

Trees of Tempting Fruit - The Secrets of Nature https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXFxs13Cu8U The Mostviertel, Austria's pear country, stretches from the river Danube to the Alps, right in the heart of Austria. Pear trees are scattered across the landscape and produce 200 different kinds of pears. Their naturally tart fruits have been used for centuries to extract the delicious pear cider (perry)
I figured why not, I happen to have driven through this area long ago, so had vague first hand familiarity, so I gave it try. Without any preamble we gentle viewers get slammed with a very odd hard hitting incomprehensible rap line and beat. Wow, I even stopped the video thinking something else must have kicked in, but no, okay I turned it back on. Speaking German and having spent time in the Alps exposed to the dozens of the truly amazing 97% incomprehensible dialects, I recognized the sounds, if only 3% of the rapid fire words. First blush, irritating, but that rapidly transformed into curiosity. In time to notice the excellent clear, yet not totally drowning out the original voice, english translation coming in and carrying us through the rest of it. Given that these days more and more of my free time and energy rather look back at humanity’s story and our Mother Earth’s story, rather than at our future, I found this recitation of the life of a farmer in this ancient pear district to be beautiful and spot on. A perfect description of something timeless. Well at least until we went crazy. Which is why I’ve posted this under Humanism rather than entertainment, because their is something profound and wise, yet humorous and earthy in this rap. Ironically, after it finished and the documentary started, I couldn’t resist stopping for a moment to comment on how cool it was, only to see a bunch of negative bitching comments about it. Crazy man. Still after watching this wonderful old school documentary of easy story telling, no fancy camera angles or crazy cuts. No fancy nothing, that's not totally true, just remembered, during the song their were some seasonal transitions and other cool stuff. But very tasteful and appropriate to the song. Simply looking at a vestige of a different world 'n time, one that was actually sustainable rather than today's utterly insane self-destructive set up. In any event, I couldn’t resist listening to the song another time, then again. I still think it’s a five star piece of music, give it a listen. What do you think of the rhythms that used to hold society together?

Hard hitting isn’t the right term,
pounding, neither
makes me think of a steam locomotive

Yeah, like a steam locomotive, just like them old farmers working from sun up to sun down, and knowing how to enjoy the fruits of their labors. Aah, a world that still makes some sense.