Wow, the universe is full of surprises. Behold our heliosphere!

No long, twisted tail trails the solar system Bubble inflated by particles from the sun is spherical, not comet-shaped, study shows BY ASHLEY YEAGER, APRIL 24, 2017 In the 1960s, researchers proposed that the heliosphere was either shaped like a comet or was spherical. Magnetic fields surrounding the sun and the planets look sort of like comets, with long tails extending behind them. ...
It made sense and it's what I've always "believed". But now this. Weird, amazing, unexpected, contrary to a long held notion. For a 'Student' like me comes the - trying to fit the pieces together in a way that makes sense - part of the learning process. People who believe in a rational fact based universe can do that. In this case it's adjusting to the thought that interstellar space doesn't exert near as much influence/pressure/viscosity(?) as we'd assumed. Surprise, it doesn't and that will have further ramifications for our understanding of the cosmos. It's another wonderful adjustment to our understanding. Now the religious crowd would crow how that just proves science knows nothing, etc. etc. etc. It's all in attitude and exceptions. For me the expectations are - as full an understanding of the world around me as I can muster over the course of my life. For the religious set the expectations are all about driving their self-centered agenda and relentless imposing their Will on others. They take that right based on believing that they understand God and serve the God of the Universe. back to the story
... Data from the Cassini and Voyager spacecraft show that the bubble of particles surrounding the solar system is spherical, not comet-shaped. Observing a spherical bubble runs counter to 55 years of speculation on the shape of this solar system feature, says Tom Krimigis of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Md. He and colleagues report the result online April 24 in Nature Astronomy. “You can’t really argue with the new result," says Merav Opher of Boston University, who was not involved in the study. “The data so loudly say that there is no tail." ... There's a very cool picture, but it don't feel right embedding it, so you'll have to check it out

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