Where did the situation in Afghanistan fail?

The only problem with that fairy story is that the SOB was already dead and the person supposedly killed in Pakistan was somebody else. Quite apart from the fact that his responsibility for 9/11 is highly debatable to say the least.

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So true. Lots of posters on here don’t see this. They are in the heads you lose tails I win camp particularly when it comes to foreign affairs. There is no other side of the story!

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I’m not familiar with that debate. I’d be interested in why you say that.

I suggest you use the internet and look up the various websites that deal with these things. They can explain it better and in much more detail than I can. Suffice it to say, the official story of Osama Bin Laden hiding out in a cave for years while the USA searched for him is — probably — shall we say, a little flawed.

Verbum sapienti sat est

If I thought this was a compelling item, I would do that. But I don’t go searching down every little thing some random person on the internet claims is true. I did a quick search, and didn’t even get a hit on some far-right radical site with an agenda claiming anything other than a challenge to the “they want our freedom”, “it was caused by poverty”, “madrassas”, or any other simplistic answer. I know it’s never just a guy with money who starts an entire movement, there is usually some kind of base of disaffected youth, or people who see an empire destroying their culture, or whatever. if that’s what your pointing to, save me the trouble of trying to figure out what’s inside your head.

Whose story is that? The correct story is that Pakistan was protecting him. After he masterfully attacked the mighty boss infidel from a remote cave. Do you have any idea how symbolically powerful that is to Muslims? To anybody who understands semiotics?

That’s another way of saying you don’t understand what you are talking about and simply repeating some headline you read somewhere.
Well it’s on us to figure that out?

From Latin, literally, “a word to the wise (is sufficient),” meaning a wise or prudent person does not or should not require any further explanation.

Oh the profundity, we are impressed you know some Latin quotes.

But when pressed you can’t come up with an outline, can’t even offer a serious website that does try to explain “it”. Says more about you than the issue.

Ipse-dixit disappointing beginnings. Can you up your game, or are we just heading towards another cat fight?

It’s easy

Why would they assassinate rather than capture and put him on trial to tell the world how 9/11 was planned and funded ?