What will be the world like if European army is build?

News lately talk about Macron wanting an European Army, something so powerful can surpass all other militaries. One the cost will be stratospheric and rival of the USA and then it will have to leave NATO. If an army is created will it be like the Roman empire ? The French desire of Napolean to reconquer the world ? Or even worst it becomes like Nazi Germany ?

What is the future of the European army ?



I think the biggest obstacle to that is Europe is an elderly continent. A large military would require a lot of young men.

Please every one keeps his self control and his wits.

  1. The Trump era has shown that Europe cannot entirely rest on US ​army to ensure its safety.

Even if allied and loyally allied to USA, European countries are not US protectorates, they are entitled to their own defense and to some independence.

USA have helped western Europe against Germany, marginally during WWI, decisively during WWII. But USA did not officially act before being attacked.

Our world is dangerous and is prey to 3 imperialisms, USA, Russia and China. If Europe does not unify and build an army, European countries will be as theses tribes of the past, some resisting, some fighting, but mostly fighting among themselves. The Roman empire was built against such tribes.

  1. A European army has been a dream for more than 60 years and it never happened.

For instance when there was a project to build an European fighter jet, countries could not agree about his specifications and the sharing of the works. French built the Rafale, other countries bought US planes.

Mainly, a European army means a European government and an unified foreign policy. And that’s impossible.

  1. Our world is dangerous. And an European army does not mean a policy of conquests or return to a past.
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Too dangerous what if instead of young men they could get Hindus to fill that up and if they need to modernize get drones to fill the army. What if they they evolve human service to killing robots ? and even get rid of men and full army of drones ? What will happen then and where will it take us just A simple question ?

Just what we need another army, and more self-endulging wars.

Hindus with drones would be unbeatable. :thinking: