We are all one. No kidding?

don Oscar's realization

I found this book of essays on the boat while I was in the Galapagos earlier this month. Shamanism is a big thing in the Andes. This guy, don Oscar something, tells his story of realizing who he really is. Thing is, if had never had a need for a nice comforting orderly world in the first place, it would not have needed to have been destroyed. If he had just learned about the world beyond his little bubble, he’d know everything is connected and most of it is designed to destroy something else in order to survive. It’s pretty chaotic.

Anyone who has had a crippling disease or has been mistreated or just couldn’t get enough to eat has had the experience of not being an “ego-mind”. They would use different terms, but they know that they are something other than their circumstances. This guy’s experience came in a safe and protected ritual, so it felt pretty good I’m sure. Too bad we all can’t be surrounded by such protections and get that same experience.

If you want that, he’ll take your money and set it up for you.

"... and most of it is designed to destroy something else in order to survive. It’s pretty chaotic."
Yet, turns out there's even more cooperation going on, on many different levels. In other words we're even more connected than we can imagine.



Altruism has more of an evolutionary advantage than selfishness, mathematicians say
Scientists say they have proved that doing good things for no personal gain can have an evolutionary advantage in the long run

July 21, 2016, Ian Johnston Science Correspondent

But the mathematicians, led by Dr George Constable, of Princeton University in the US, now believe they have come up with a proof that explains why putting yourself out for someone else can be better in the long-run.

The process is so basic that it can be seen in the yeast fungus. It is capable of producing an enzyme that breaks down complex sugars in the environment, creating more food for all. …

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The Galapagos, lucky dude. Any trophy pictures?

The page from the book

Here’s the page. I had to adjust it down to 129K.

The Galapagos, lucky dude. Any trophy pictures?
My wife has taken over the photography. She has the better camera/phone, and she is quick on the draw. This will take you my facebook album.

I highly recommend OAT travel. They really take good care of you and the groups are small. The trip we did had a little too much internal travel, but 2 days at Machu Picchu and 3 nights on the water for Galapagos was just about right. Plus we did lots of local things, smaller museums, special dinners with locals, weaving demo. We sat for a curandero ceremony, but I was disappointed that he didn’t take questions.

Reference page nine. Very easy to understand. I am familiar with the path of the gnostics and Sophia. The author tells you he is going to take you down another path of spirits and mystic. What he calls the fourth stage. Keep us informed. You know of course, level five is good ol’ rock and roll.

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