Was the Exodus natural or supernatural, fact or fiction?

If the Exodus occurred, it was natural as is everything that actually occurs. If it was fact, then the refugees ate something referred to as “manna" for 40 years. If this is true, manna was some naturally occurring substance. (Perhaps it had some hallucinogenic properties that could explain their religious obsessiveness
In fact it has been proven to be true. After reading your post I remembered a book that mentions manna (the bread of heaven) and the quote is from Exodus, "16:3. It mentions that the Isrealites lived off manna and quails still found there, to survive in the desert. Even as late as the 14th Century,Arabs in the Sinai gathered manna which is a resin from the,Tamarisk tree found there. A Louse bores into the branch and the dripping resin falls to the ground and is gathered up before melting. it is said to have a honey taste. So, that part at least is true. Now living off the stuff and birds for 40 years is a bit far fetched but as EOC pointed out that might be a code for a shorter passage of time. I've never read anything concerning how the Isrealites recorded time differently from a modern calendar ( the Chaldeans and Babylonians had a fairly accurate calendar BTW) but that's another issue. My source is Keller's "The Bible as History". Cap't Jack

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