United Kingdom European Union IN / OUT Referendum

The latest opinion poll carried out online on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week gives this result :-
IN 50%
OUT 50%
I think that when the referendum is held on June 23rd the IN team will win. IN is the official policy of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal parties. Most broadcasting media will be given official facts that gently tilt towards IN.
In my opinion OUT is by far the more healthy option.
When the IN result occurs this will cause much in-fighting in the governing Conservative Party. 56% of Conservative voters want the UK out of the EU. This has been a sore in that party since the days when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. At the moment they are lucky that the Labour Party is utterly inept and today it has had to punish one of its MPs and the former mayor of London for anti-Semitic comments. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-36166555