To well meaning people, blasphemy is "blasphoumous"

If life were innately good, torment would be absent or severely nerfed.
Every being hates torment.
If life were good, it would teach people that torment is what every being hates, without tormenting others…
Like a nerfed simulation of sorts…
We all want beauty, love, friends, humor, love, passion, joy
Nobody wants torment. That’s universal. Maybe people need a little to teach them that, but certainly not much!!!

After a bit of torment, in a good universe, EVERYONE would understand why it needed to be nerfed simulations… and we’d all be fine

It’s not just self defense to think this way, it’s actual compassion for others, and ultimately cosmic consciousness

Another way of stating this is to say, “torment is bad, yes, I get it, we all get it, it’s horrible, now… stop!!! If I’m tormenting just by being, nerf the damn thing… make this a celebration for all!!”

Another way to word this, is that we don’t want life to be a big “ha! I told you so” maybe a small one with a “just kidding, life embraces you in love!” When we all get together to exchange our nerf experiences, it will be sublime joy, a celebration of ourselves, our memories and our lives and existence!

The way I see it, is that some people are irreplaceable…
So the idea of them only being simulations is unacceptable…
Maybe we all exist on a higher plane and preserve the memories of our cast simulations to each of us…
Practically speaking… nobody wants terror or a seemingly endless war on terror, we’d easily want history to be a simulation, but without losing real love from real beings… so we keep the precious and discard the torment, terror and agonies… as something we all thought to do together for ourselves and each other… true love reigning supreme.
I’m not trying to convince people to do awful things, I am saying what people everywhere would say, and like to think is true about this…

Interesting thought. How would you imagine this coming into practice in the real (non-ideal) world?

Whatever facilitates this to emerge, has to emerge this in a bubble, where we keep going in and out of it with either a bubble monitor keeping it tolerable, or we make it tolerable for ourselves … that way, nobody gets stuff others want but don’t have and vice versa.
That’s my best idea.

Maybe it’s about understanding that this isn’t stupid and that we were never stupid. The biggest issue to solve is people not getting what they want… in the bubble scenerio, we all get what we want, and so does everyone else… I’ll explain more later

Let me explain the bubble reality better…
There is a level of reality where we cannot be tainted, then we put on the equivalent of virtual goggles that we designed and flow in and out of these places… we can’t truly get hurt or get something someone else is envious of…
In the great wisdom of all of this, it is ideal.

Maybe we’ve all, also, designated a bubble monitor… that can restore, if we get too scared… multiple redundant layers of nerfing

Nerf said on that topic.

In the ultimate reality, we are individuals in the sense that we’ve chosen different virtual experiences, but the same in that we have no envy of each other, we get what we want, and are perfectly content on this level of reality.
Some thoughts on the matter.

Nerf said on that topic.
Had to look that one up. Nerf is just a foam ball to me.