The worst Pres Candidate thus far

Seth Moulton.


However, quoting Dmitry Orlov: It doesn’t matter who is ‘president’ since the same people remain in real

power, whichever - frequently intellectually-inadequate - figurehead is in the White House. Americans believe that they live in a functioning democracy, but that’s a delusion. (My paraphrase)

Moulton may or may not be the worst of the Dem candidates, but this Snidely Kulinski character must not have much content for whatever kind of show he is putting on. Claiming that most of the Dem Party are hawks, is complete nonsense.

I also don’t know the Orlov guy you quoted, but he is clearly a numbskull, judging from the quote that it doesn’t matter who the POTUS is because the same ppl remain in power. e.g. There are 2 biased right winger Justices in the SCOTUS, who would not have been there with a different President. There are 100 right wing Federal Judges (and counting up from there rapidly) that would not have been there. If you don’t realize the effect this will have for generations you are rather ignorant.

yep most are hawks. Love the smell of blood

Isn’t that America? Boy oh boy, we just couldn’t invade Iraq fast enough - feel the hot blood on our hands, get even with dem towel heads - even if they didn’t have a damned thing to do with the 9/11 attacks.



Citizen -Any thoughts on why?