The Prodigal Skeptic Has Returned

Greetings:I joined this august body in 2016 but regrettably let my membership expire. However, after some reflection and my total disgust with the religious/evangelical world, I now return for some enlightenment and truth. I am an history educator of 35 years mired in the swamp of a Deep Red State. I bow to the wisdom and reason of this free-thinking organization. Thanks.


Alright, Duncan. Welcome back.

All right! It’s that guy…what I don’t know… Cool!

Welcome Kooltrane!

As an educator of history, would you be interested in teaching Religious Literacy? Harvard Divinity has launched the Religious Literacy Project. This 5 day summer course is free and includes travel. Also, The Arthur Vining Davis Foundation has a $250,000~ $400,000 grant available to schools & colleges. Please check out the link below. November 8th is deadline for proposals.

Thank you for your generous offer. But I respectfully decline.


Kool, You don’t want to help the religions of the world get to know each other better, and get along? (I don’t blame you.)