The Future of Tommorow: Predictions or Fault ? Elections 2024?

Who will be the one who will fix USA in this moment to know the ability to hold office and make an example of politics in USA is no easy feat but whatever the otucome will decide the future for the next 20 yrs remaining.

We have the future open us to tell us that 2024 is not important is A lie we do not know where we are going all of it people are running scared and punks are going to shopmarts shotting for A piece of bread of course things are wrong. But we don’t know how deep the promblem is but still we need A direction, indication that we are alright and we can survive ? Such thing does not exist because people rely on presidents instead of themselves but we have point in history to turn this over because we have one year with joe Biden and he does not do nothing to solve the promblems.

This 2 individuals are was left of the last election !!!

Thier is no telling what is going to happen and obsiuovsly you all notice that things are bad, that things are worst than ever. Here is A discussion of the future what will happen ? Who will be pick and your best arguments they can solve them.

Put 5 candidates from each party and from their discuss our future.

trump 1
The Saviour for some

Will Donald Trump run again some say it will the writter thinks it’s time for his son to run better and he will adapt to new times. But regardless Donald Trump will run and can run but will it still work ?

We see more information is needed.

On spending, more, more, more spending is the downsize of each president and the next.

índicecomparison obama trump

Can we let the fact Trump did something at least ? Yes he did to the writer he stopped. World War 3 and stop various things happening ?

women in picture

Then we have Joe Biden

joe bidne executiev orders

See how the difference exist we must make evident Trump ahs his high scores as Joe in the making. But chances are neither continue what will be the outcome here are 5 candidates that might make for the republican aprty and the democratic party. Good luck !!!


  1. Ron DeSantis- he ahs good knowledge how real politic work in USA can make change and won’t be A puppet can steer America in A good way.

2.JimJordan- He can make A difference really this one can go farther than the rest, he has experience and liked by the american people.

3.Nikki Haley- She is beatiful but smart and has great fame already she can make change and is liked by the public.
ted cruaz

4.Ted Cruz- unknown and dislike but made statements he like to be president and has experience may not be A gamechanger.
donald trump jr.

5.Donlad Trump jr.- Perhaps he is better he can adapt poor Trump is tired and he’s son does want to be president perhaps later Eric Trump then Ivanka can be president we need it. He can grow and adapt and is loved and chosen by so many he is what America needs !!!

This are five candidates perhaps you have any of you own please do comment.

The five democrats candidates for 2024

1.Joe Biden- We have seen his results and people have mixed feelings but sitll none the less he can ran but wise words from this man

Have seen for 4 yrs and read what he says and it’s impending even for Donald Trump Jr.chances aswell.

Joe Biden can run but what future holds with him is one we cannot be sure of.

  1. Pete Buttigieg- He is A genius has the know how can make A difference and be one of the best be presidents in the world, he has the know how, people like him. He can save America.

kamal harris

3.Kamala Harris- Is another one who can be A gamechanger she advocate police policies but her police have left her and really bad situation exist. She is still new but has connections and can do good but still the future will decide.


  1. Elizabeth Warren- She is no gamechange and it is not liked, shewants to be president and has experience.

cortez coazia

  1. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez- She can run and win but really she will be last she is still very young and does not have experience.

This are the best that can win the presidencey, everything is changing and can change at the last minute. Just like Trump won everything is not right and still people doubt we will even make it to 2024. Be as it may the writter has high hopes it wants Donald Trump Jr. but still it knows it can change and all of it because by 2024 has A prediction that the one’s that cn win are Nikk Haley or Kamala Harris really people their is A wave coming beside red wave is that new elections are coming and the writter knows it can change. You will see that 2024 not only USA can have A women as president but not only USA but

European people are changing too, know this that 2024 is going to be like 2008 where Brack Obama became president and the stock crisis happen everything is going to be prepared that way. You will see in 2024 Women prime minister for britain, women chancellor for Germany, Women president for Mexico, Women prime minster ofr Canada, Europe is going to change again new politics is coming. This paves way for new poltics in europe but in the world. Marion Anne Perrine " Marine Le Pen" is going to run again fro president of France and has high chances to win she can replace vaccum power merkel left when she left.


Know also Australia, India, Indonesia and other countries have election and all concide on 2024. The masonery of each country is gonna work to make this gals leaders of this countries, The pope has A lot of commitment and has worked around the clock preparing for this. Everything is moving and will move in this direction. No see things are not alright and will get worst and worst.


The Devil for everyone else. Where Trump walks things begin to die.

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I hope Biden DOESN’T run again.

But if he does get the Dem nomination, I’d have to reluctantly vote for him.

ANY GOPer is off the table for me, and will be for a long time.

Nikki Haley and Kamala Harris have the best chance to run and win. If all goes as I predicted many countries in 2024 will Have A lady as leader things will change again.

You forgot about Hillary

She already said No, and I think the Dems are over her … unlike the GOPers…

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I wouldn’t mind if Kamala ran for president. She’s already made history for women, especially women of colour, but it would be nice she could do it again.

As for President Biden, while I voted for him, I hope he doesn’t run again either, because I have the same issue I had last time- his age. I had that issue with Bernie too. Kamala is young enough to take over if he becomes ill from a heart attack, stroke or alike or worse dies, but it’s not worth beating the dotard or any other Repug for him to run again. His age makes it a bit too risky due to all the health issues that can come with the age. Someone else, such as Kamala, can try to beat out the Repugs or worse, beat the dotard.

This man explained this correctly the situation USA if in 2 years things do not change in USA, if the prices don’t go up too high civil unrest doesn’t stop which will not, and Biden cannot change the household income to more favorable positions for american. Biden will be replaced or either Kamala Harris gets elected or Ron DeSantis, even Crashaw, Trump, everything is up to grabs.

This teacher where the link is next to Joe Biden picture is one of few who got many predictions correct and stated what are precursors of it happening.

USA has encircled China and is encircling Russia in its preparations for war with these countries it sees as rivals to global US hegemony

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Rearranging deckchairs on the titanic