The Future of Russia: Who will replace Putin ? Elections 2024?

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We start in 2024 will be elections to choose this time the world changes know that besides Russia other countries will decide thier future ti is pivotal that the world change but in which way here we will talk about how it will change and what possibilities can come out.

new change
new preisdent

Too much has been done by Vladimir Putin and the masses are thru with him the role as Stalin has ended things have come to A gruesome picture either Putin goes Vamoooos out of politics or A dread war to split Russia can happen in the next years. And the pinnacle of it all will be nuclear bombs thrown all over.

Who can take the mantle of leadership like putin do the same or better in A democratic way ? Can we put A women to take role or still Russia is still to young to takes those steps ? What politician can do it’s job and defeat the oligarchs that will not let the russian people decide thier fate with democracy ?

We start with the candidates and in the end what will happen at the end.
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  1. Vladimir Putin- He has decided to run and still continue in power but things can change know that Putin will leave his party and run as an indpendant that can give rise to dangerous policies and more unorthodox matters. We hope he does not win

  1. Pavel Grudinin- He is part of the communsit party and wants to be president but will not win.


  1. Alexei Navalny- The government has unable him to run and cannot compete.


  1. Nikolay Rybakov- He is from Yabloko party and has interest to be president of Russia he is not fmaous but A candidate none the less.


  1. Elena Afanasyeva- The only women candidate She is smart and wants to the first femal president very hard but nothing is impossible.

6.Oleg Bryachak- another candidate from small parties

But of United Russia party of whichPutin is in this are also candidates that can usurp him.

7. Alexei Dyumin- He can be as powerful as Putin or even stronger than him he is his right hand but he cna work he is dangerous for everyone. Putin wants him to usurp him one day.

8. Dmitry Medvedev- The classic another puupet eprhaps the same old trick he goes in and messes things up and putin returns we can’t have that we need new one that is balanced.

9. Dmitry Mironov- The german shepard one yes he is angry but really look at him and he is stupid, another candidate but one that does not have the danger Putin or Alexei posses but still A candidate none the less.

10. Sergey Shoigu- He is not dangerous he get elected thinsg egt stuck and perhaps it’s better to have an incompetent in power so ww3 doesnt’ grow and civil war doesn’t either. That way Donald Trump.jr can buy out Putin.

This are possiblities each one can be president that is why it is neceesary to pick the right one because if you pick someone to surpass Putin you can end up with WW3.

People know the most obvious isn’t the what will happen sometimes fate will reverse and nothing will happen but if the future makes mistake. And all of humanity is plagued with mistakes, mistakes, and more mistakes. Everything can go wrong.

Know one of the objective is to make the Eurasia Union the goal of Putin is for Russia to join the European Union or seperate that way countries like Germany, Poland, and even France can join them. To achieve it they must seperate Europe and thus the markets collapse you see Ukraine happening now. If the war reaches more thanA year prices will inflate and oil will grow to such prices will collapse not U.S.A but European Union and thus the objective you ask what other method to seperate the European Union, War with Turkey is one, War in Finland,

War with China or North korea and South Korea can ignite it.

Russia is in middle of geopolitical map that can start World war 3 and Civil war in Russia all in one day. War in Pakistan can also start war and Russia will join India against it but could escalate to world war 3.


That’s why you can’t pick small or weak candidate, neither cna you pick A strong and overpowered ruler another Putin can’t exist it will drive Russia to civil war and ww3 all together know the oligarchs want this of Russia masonery will do anything that Europe does mandate. Pick A candidate that is balance and won’t go hasty in decisions. Really pick one that can do what Russia can’t do that is love and stop finding ways of war and find peace instead we only have one earth.



The west is in greater disarray the longer this war goes on. Two factions have emerged with the likes of france Germany and italy on one side and the UK on the other. Draghi macron scholz recent trip to kiev to convince zel to end the war and EU membership only to have a panicked Johnson making a surprise visit to tell zel no no no we have weapons - keep dying. Macron, Scholz, Draghi, leaders of Europe's biggest countries, on Kyiv mission to smooth tensions - CNN This is a war of attrition and with up to 1000 ukraine soldiers killed or wounded every day in Donbas, a collapse imminent. Ukraine suffering up to 1,000 casualties per day in Donbas,. With more and more ukraine land captured by Russian force by the day zel wont have much to negotiate

I thought Putin declared himself President for Life

Yes Prince how this geopoltical wars can happen can chaneg the turn of events the next president and measure incorrectly wil have to decide to either have war in Turkey, Finland, China, Pakistan, USA over the artic ocean, and Europe whihc is the Ukraine war right now and it can change rapidly if it is not stopped. What can stopped the war in ukrain mind you ? If another war happened like war in venezuela again, war in indonesia, war in Africa like Libya that way the media changes the focus it turns and if no one wathec the war of ukriane it get toopled and Russia is giving a deal by USA to aprticpate in those wars the Russians will cease the ukraine war.

I think its much more likely there will be civil war in USA than in Russia and regime change in UK france germany than in Russia. USA is pushing hard to exploit Russias red line policy on ukraine not being a nuclear nato state and push this into a world war

“Welcome to NATO!
Here’s your Nukes”

I don’t think that’s how it works.

First God no USA never enter war prince :open_mouth: civil war and WW# will just bring it the end for all of mankind all of us. please be careful now that USA can win this politcal chess game, Russia won’t have another Putin in 100yrs. It all has change Trump should of conitnued but Russia got greey and putin wanted it all now their is a price for all that. And unfortunately to ask it all and keep the power all to yoruself and not letting go of the power and returning it to God has consequences. Know leaders wordlwide wish toe mulate Putin for he fighting against Nato.

Now if Putin leaves people civil war and ww3 can happen to them to and no USA can escape it and let go of itself and put things in God’s hands and God saved thosew good christian people. Make they got god’s power USA why is so powerful but Russia doesn’t have that they have Russian are brutal violent and more killers, they don’t have pilgrims who arrived at thier country ahve faith as all the protestant christians USA missed Ac rucial moment in 2016 and got Trump. WW3 and civil war were averted even though it was the most unconvenient wya but sometimes it is how God goes mysteriously in life.

American neocons wet dream is to decolonize Russia and recolonise China

Alexei Dyumin is perhaps the most dangerous man he can do what putin wants and continue Putin’s work, great danger lies ahead if Putin’s succesor continue. I opt for the general Sergey Shoigu if he chosen he will not be dangerous like putin but balance he will not do damages.

Crisis in fuel, minerals and food supply in the west will see regime change long before any change in Russia.