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I finished an all day drive across Arizona on US160, the down through Flagstaff and Oak Creek Canyon and points south. By myself, so lots of time to think, while taking in the landscape passing by. Oak Creek Canyon is at the edge of the Colorado Plateau, long long ago, island arcs wedged up against the Colorado Plateau, they became the islands in the sky, and all sort of ridges and mountains and valleys. See, besides the original jamming into the continent, subsequent massive forces alternately compressed and pulled apart this land mass, surface adding all sort of more complexities and todays Valley of the Sun. Fun drive. Oh yeah, what’s so cool is that there’s a huge elevation shift, you’re on the Colorado Plateau then you’re dropping down the Mogollon Rim. You can almost image the ocean that lapped up at that one time continental drop off.

Doesn’t have anything to do with the following, but I felt like writing it down, setting stage for my tired mood.


I stumbled on a really slick YouTube news production and after about ten minutes into it, I need to stop to check out the guy. (Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP - YouTube) There was something too slick about it. Made me curious who put that together. Oh Lordie, he’s one of them, the brainwashers, the stupefaction masters. I’m hanging it out over here hoping others might know more about this outfit and particular the onslaught of bandwidth they are achieving.


This is what happen while liberals slept these past two three decades. :frowning:

The Epoch Times is a U.S. based international multi-language newspaper and media extension of the Falun Gong new religious movement.[4][5][6] The newspaper is part of the Epoch Media Group, which also operates New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD).[7]For its articles, the publication draws from a network within China, as well as staff living in the West.[8][9][10] It has websites in 35 countries.[11] Its websites are blocked in mainland China, whose Communist government The Epoch Times investigates for human rights violations.[11]

The Epoch Times is known in Europe to promote far-right politicians,[12][13] and in the United States it backs President Donald Trump; a 2019 report showed it to be the second-largest funder of pro-Trump Facebook advertising after the Trump campaign.[14][15][16] The group’s news sites and YouTube channels have spread conspiracy theories such as QAnon and anti-vaccination propaganda.[7][17][18] The organization frequently promotes other Falun Gong extensions, such as its performing arts company, Shen Yun.[4]

Evacuations In China As Hubei Dam Begins to Slide; Cities Issue Red Alert on Floods | Crossroads |

Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP. | July 8th, 2020


In Hubei province of China, close to 29,000 citizens were evacuated as a nearby reservoir dam is showing signs of deformation, and began to slide.

The incident is taking place amid continuing heavy rains in China. Near the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, which has been overflowing as well, the water level at the BaiYange Reservoir in HuangGang City of Hubei rose to dangerous levels, and the dam began to slide and to show signs of deformation, putting an area of over 620 square miles at risk. The reservoir was built in 1958, spans several villages, and can hold around 78 million cubic feet of water.

And in other parts of China, reservoirs impacted by floods are making the floodwaters worse. By July 5, around 1,094 reservoirs just in Hubei had exceeded their limits, and more than 11 counties and cities including Wuhan, the epicenter of the CCP Virus, the new coronavirus, issued red-code flood warnings. One other city, Xiantao, also evacuated its residents in the middle of the night.


Mel Cledera | July 8 :

I didn’t know that supporting democracy is an act of terrorism. Only in china!

julie silvaggio

It is coming to America if we don’t stop these lefties in our country

Tom Head:

@julie silvaggio as an outsider looking in you are already there with voter suppression in america

Eduardo Salcedo Sr:

13 minutes ago

@julie silvaggio

TRUMP 2020???


7 minutes ago

@Tom Head what voter suppression are you talking about.... have I missed something in the news of specific cases of mass voter suppression or groups being denied access to voting?



3 minutes ago

@Tom Head Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


​@julie silvaggio Why do you want to stop these leftist? What about extreme rightists? Why can’t you defend what you believe upfront - why always demonize us and try to shut us up???

You got trump, why should I be impressed, consider his pre-president business record speaks for itself, it was sociopathic - trump cares about nothing but trump - he would promise anything, sign any contract, then break any agreement, with glee, like a nasty kid torturing the weaker.

Trump had no problem screwing honest middle class jobbers and suppliers, + other people he hired. What ever devious trick, he’d us it to go Dead Beat - then the low life bragged about it. Real Howard Stern, Me First all the way, what you say made out of America.

I should be impressed? This is the man you are worshiping?

Trump has zero empathy for real people. What’s wrong with a little empathy?

He doesn’t like learning or reading, or listening to people smarter than his is - that may be okay for a bud to chum around with, but come on, The President of the United States???

This the best you have Ms.Rightist have to offer, … and you’re screaming about leftist ? What a joke, lefties are too confused and incoherent to be able to do much of anything. :wink:

Back to “if we don’t stop these lefties in our country”

Don’t you realize you are talking totalitarianism there??? Get ride of the left, serious, what have you turned into??? Our Nations Founding Fathers were “Lefties” - “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is about as liberal as it gets!! We need each other dude. Lordies know it’s not like you right wingers haven’t screwed up a ton.


Yes, they, the Epoch Times, seem slick and productive (if you consider undermining society to be productive).

I resurrected a thread from almost a year ago, in which I warned about Falon Gong.

That was back in the “Before Time”. Before our society changed. Things have gotten so much worse since then. If you have bad news on the doorstep EVERY DAY, how do you keep up with it all???

Funny that, just dropped in to share a little of that last sentiment.