Religious Freedom, I ain't work'n for no woman !!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a crazy world.

Bye! Eleven Male Employees Of Utah City Resign After Woman Elected Mayor 2/12/18 - In the immortal words of Wild West outlaw "Curly" Bill Brocius: Well… Bye. That's what newly-elected Mayor Donia Jessop had to say to the eleven men who suddenly resigned from their positions in the government of Hildale, Utah, a city on the border of the Beehive State and the home of the cattle-rustlin' Cowboy mentioned above. But quite apart from the fact that non-Mormons have taken city seats for the first time ever is the fact that Jessop is the very first woman elected Mayor of the town, which is what prompted at least one employee to claim that his religious beliefs prevented him from "following a woman," a most severe transgression in almost every fundamentalist religion. The FLDS is still headed by Pastor Warren Jeffs, the notorious polygamist who held the children of his congregation prisoner in a compound in Eldorado, Texas. He has been forced to lead his flock from prison after his conviction for child sexual assault 7 years ago. ...
This one's for Mayor Jessop : ;-)

And instantly the mayor just saved her town a lot of money and you thought government employees were hard to dump.

I bet the FLDS followers see this as a sign the apocalypse has started. :lol: