Reflections On Justice Sotomayor’s Confirmation Process -

Current events have become impossible to watch, I’m in shell shocked standby mode, waiting for a miracle and or total meltdown.

Earlier today I was reminded about Sonia Sotomayor book, My Beloved World a memoir. I think it’s going to be my next audiobook. I’ll also bet it’ll feel like a clean show after my months in the manipulative, deceptive, delusional, disconnected, land of Hoffman’s Case Against Reality.

But the real world backdrop today has me fearing that Democrats haven’t learned a thing, the power structure and general way of condescending to We The People and only seek donations, but little interest in really educating, motivating, engaging and fighting back with sharp tactics that directly confront the Republican Totalitarian mindset that is taking hold in this county.

Time to explicitly defend respect for honesty. For the need to learn about Earth’s evolution to understand the organism our biosphere is these day and to grasp as a reality - what we are doing to her.

Then I remembered a little ditty I wrote long ago, if only Democratic Party would have been capable of a little honest self-critique, back bone, inner solidity - I think that’s were we really failed, if only others had been vocalizing these sorts of thoughts more forcefully.

  • The collective we never learned a thing. So hideously tragic.

I’m hoping one thing that comes out of my time with Hoffman is that it’ll help prepare me for writing about that lack of inner solidity among the liberal crowd, which lead to their inability to confront Faith Based Delusional, hell worse than that, time after time, we’ve rolled over for the Republicans. Now here we are the Republican Party and it’s hard core third or more of the country are absolutely totally comfortable with totalitarianism. Wiping out liberals, destroying our nation’s institutions of higher learning and communication. The pride of the Intellectual Enlightenment and all liberal governments have made possible this past couple hundred years.

Republican Totalitarians and vandals, they feel good about.

Trying to learn any of them anything, is taken as a personal attack to be crushed. And they feel good and proud of their attitude of zero compromise.

We’re literally in a free fall and to think of all the existential issues we are facing, increasingly violent weather, clean water, food, lebensraum problems that have been left to grow and fester for the past half center. Beyond the pale of anything I could have imagined, and I’m the f’n pessimist, u n b e l i e v a b l e. I always felt I was trying to remind people of the worst to get us aware and avoid, instead we’ve rammed down the gas peddle to human oblivion.

Back to considering failings that lost our world


Reflections On Justice Sotomayor’s Confirmation Process

August 14, 2009

About two weeks after the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearing finished, I began writing about it and was immediately kidded: It’s an obsolete topic, no one cares any more, people have moved on.

Now, months later, Justice Sotomayor sits on the bench listening to arguments - so why visit what went on last summer? Because it needs to be pointed out that her questioning exemplified a favorite Republican tactic in dealing with people who have a more progressive, rational world outlook.

Since the same tactic is being used today to combat medical-insurance reform efforts, I believe examining Republican and media behavior during the Sotomayor confirmation hearing is relevant today.

The hearing highlighted the all-too-familiar right-wing “politics by evasion and attack,” which take small tidbits of truth and morph them into deceptive, emotionally supercharged PR bludgeons. Then, the proponents justify their evasive and hostile tactics by reaching back to self-serving faith-based dogma. Unfortunately, religious absolutism, absolutely distorts all attempts at examining the real challenges facing our future. . . .

I noticed the Republicans had no dirt on this lady. Thus, was surprised by the viciousness of their attacks and distortions. Attacks manipulating a very few quotes from speeches that to rational thinkers should have been starting points for a genuine discussion.

Ironically, the most vocal “anti-Sotomayor” Senators supported nominee Roberts who had a mere two years of judicial experience, having previously built his career on steam-rolling his extremely partisan goals. (something reflected in his demonstrably corporate loving approach to running the high court) Yet, today, a nominee with more court room experience than any nominee in a century and no political involvement, someone with overwhelming positive support from her knowledgeable peers ~ is told she’s not worthy because she is willing to recognize and discuss complex aspects of being a person? Whatever happened to ‘fair-play’? …

… Mr. Lithwick, a worthier question would have been: Why did Senators Sessions, Grassley, Kyl and Hatch act as though they never heard a single Sotomayor answer? Why did they read through their questions like some sort of preordained scripture, never pausing to consider her words? …

More and more, Republicans are coming across as though they believe only they have “worthy” answers and anyone who thinks differently must be demonized no matter how many lies need to be fabricated to do so.

Why? By what right or justification? Haven’t Republican senators and media cheerleaders been culpable enough in heinous, astronomically costly mistakes of judgment these past few years that have harmed our country and future? What gives Senator Sessions,, the gaul to act so condescendingly - if not destructively? …