Really? Black men commit suicide by hanging themselves from a tree?

I am skeptical that healthy looking black men would turn themselves into “Strange Fruit”, considering that has historically been the standard mode of operation for the KKK types to murder black men.

That is a story from 4 years ago. I did not find other earlier examples of black men committing suicide by hanging themselves from a tree. People were suspicious, back then, but nothing came of it, even though an FBI inquiry was done.

Of course, now there is the recent occurrence of TWO black men in separate cases, allegedly committing suicide by hanging from a tree, in the Los Angeles area.

In all 3 cases, officials were quick in initially determining that the deaths were suicide. I could not find anything about suicide notes left in any of the 3 cases.

I could not find anything about suicide notes left in any of the 3 cases.
Trump doesn't read and blacks don't write. Make sense?

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@timb Most black men don’t hang themselves. The actual rate is probably about the same, give or take a little, as white men.

@sree What? Blacks do write. That’s the dumbest thing. However, you are right that the dotard doesn’t read.

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What do you think, buddy?

Doesn’t say what the demographics of the neighborhoods are. If they are White or Mexican neighborhoods it was murder (probably). Black neighborhoods – probably suicide.

Blacks, normally, don’t commit suicide. @timb has a point.

Some do commit suicide, @sree.

What do you think, buddy?
It doesn't seem like you do.
Some do commit suicide, @sree.
That would be really sad. Suicide is a white thing because they are too cerebral and predisposed to be "dark".
That would be really sad. Suicide is a white thing because they are too cerebral and predisposed to be “dark”.
Haha, Whites are light on the outside and dark on the inside. Blacks are the opposite. I'm joking a little, but I think you're right that Whites (or northern Europeans specifically) are generally cerebral and do have a tendency to depressiveness. If I'm not mistaken there is some correlation between overthinking and suicide.

While Black suicide rates are lower than Whites, they more common than some might think

Rate of Suicide by Race/Ethnicity, United States 2009-2018<b></b><i></i><u></u>

@timb Most black men don’t hang themselves.
Mriana, when you posted this as a quote from me. I think you MIS-quoted me. If so that is not nice at all. I could have said "Most black men don't hang themselves from a tree." But I couldn't even find where I said that unless you are good at paraphrasing. But what you indicated was that I said "most black men don't hang themselves."

Sree, You said “Blacks, normally, don’t commit suicide. @timb has a point.”

I think you also owe me an apology for misrepresenting what I said. Did you not compute my reference to “Strange Fruit”? Probably not. Anyway my point is NOT about black men being depressed or committing suicide or generally hanging themselves.

My point is that I have trouble believing that many black men would hang themselves FROM - A - TREE. I searched online, and could not find any data sources for that specific thing “black men who suicided by hanging from a tree.”

There are so many easier ways, I think to kill one’s self. So why pick that way, if you are a black man in today’s society, with a societal history of black men being hung to death from trees by white supremacist murderers? Your last act in life is to end it in a way that will give some neo-fascists hard-ons? C’mon.

Can none of you put yourselves in the psyche of a black man in today’s USA?

I just don’t think it is credible that two black men in separate incidents 50 miles from each other in distance, and, I think a week apart in time, KILLED THEMSELVES BY USING A TREE TO HANG FROM.

If my suspicion is correct, that black U.S. men rarely, if ever, kill themselves by hanging FROM A TREE, then the odds that 2 black men did it in close proximity and time, are probably astronomical.


No @timb, I didn’t quote you. It wasn’t b-quote. Those were my words. I was addressing you.

I did find this thread a bit confusing. Sree’s drunk posting doesn’t help.

It’s incredible watching how the Alt-Right is constantly doubles down their bets on the dark side. Watch out for that slippery sliddy slope, and all those tipping points. Or not.

Manmade runaway global warming, re-embrace of wanton racism, disregard for medical science during a global pandemic.

Why because God told us to destroy everything???

WTF is going on in people’s heads.

Perhaps I should not have made the reference to “strange fruit” as if everyone would understand what I was getting at. So I will explain. There is a Billie Holiday song. The 1st verse is:

Southern trees bear a strange fruit
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees

For MANY years in the history of the USA, in the latter 19th century and way into the 20th Century, lynching black men, by HANGING THEM FROM TREES, was a regular occurrence.

I suspect that most black people are well aware of this, and I am thinking, now, that most white people are not.

MY POINT, once again, for this thread is my suspicion that a black man would be unlikely to choose to suicide by hanging himself from a tree. IDK this to be the case. I can’t find data on it. But I continue to suspect.

Btw, I started a thread on a Sam Harris podcast on the Humanist forum, because Harris is a famous humanist. But it is about his view on the current race and policing issues. Please check it out.