Rabbit Hole Index: Where to you land?

I made this rabbit hole index survey] that is focused on aliens but maybe can be applied to widest range of issues.
Where do you land, not just how far down you look, but accept as reality.
Directions: WHEN YOU GET TO QUESTION 25 count number of Yes and multiply that by 4, then count number of Maybe multiply by 2, add them together. Your total score amounts to the percentage how far you go down the hole. Submit to pool of replies.
How do you think I can improve it? Where can I make a survey that adds up the percentage automatically? I couldn’t find way on google for something of this nature.

That was a waste. Silly questions and then when I finished and clicked submit, that was it, no hint of how I did.

What makes you draw the conclusion that people who don’t believe any of these silly things are irrational? Where we supposed to throw in a “maybe” every now and then just to prove that we have “open” minds?

One post, with a link, no thanks

That was a waste. Silly questions and then when I finished and clicked submit, that was it, no hint of how I did.
If scroll down, there are pie charts for each question which show how many people chose Believe, Don't Believe or Maybe. I don't know if that would help you. This is what interests me. With only three options, I saw "Maybe" as equivalent to the classic "agnostic" position, that is "There is an exactly equal chance that this could be True or False." The problem was that in no case could I honestly say that of any of the questions. Take the one about the Intergalactic Council. As a card-carrying Trekkie from way back, I would dearly love for this to be True. But as I get older, I find myself doubting whether interstellar travel is even possible. I'm pretty sure there are probably civilizations on other planets out in the galaxy somewhere, it's just that I'm increasingly doubtful if any of us will ever meet one another face to face. This is one of those things I wish that I was wrong about, but in the meantime I can only be honest with myself. I don't think that the chances are exactly equal. If one of the options had been "Possible but not very likely," I probably would have clicked that for practically every question. But I realize that doesn't help the Original Poster very much. Giving five options instead of only three would make scoring his poll much more difficult.

The aliens sank Lemuria because NASA sent too much information back in time. :lol:

Area 201, do you know that what are referred to as D.U.M.B. do really exist?!?! short for Deep Underground Military Bases. There are several of them across the US and even abroad. They dig about a mile an half underground to build them. There is a whole network of them. Look up Phil Schneider, a geologist, structural Engineer and self taught metallurgist who had top security clearance. He reported directly and only to the US President, CIA Director and his own direct boss, no one else. He helped them build couple. Dulce I think is one of them. He blew the whistle on them and they killed him in 96. He still has has several tidbits of lectures he gave before they killed him on you tube. I didn’t used to believe in this til I heard him.
I find your questionnaire to be quit naïve. I am sorry. It’s like when the bible says “If you are not with us, you are against us.”. Life is more colorful and subtitle than that. Anyway. I scored 76. So according to you I am really screwed. But trust me, I am doing just fine.

Being generous, I scored 10% (mainly due to my lack of detailed knowledge about wormholes, other dimensions, etc.), but I need to examine more evidence of my irrationality before I can confidently support that conclusion.