Maxwell found guilty . Good riddance

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How long before she commits suicide?

She will appeal and appeal and appeal

Now for the trials of Clinton, Pinker, Dershowitz, Chris Tucker, Bill Richardson,
Kevin Spacey, Ehud Barak, Alec Baldwin, Larry Summers…

The matter is not sexual intercourse, the matter is having sexual intercourse without free consent.

The matter is sex with a minor and network in place for the child sex trafficking of young girls to white rich men.

Sorry, my knowledge of the Epstein business did not include such details. Now, it seems that Epstein notebook included many people, not all of them participating to his misdemeanors/crimes !

How do you know this?

How does anyone know anything?

Not rhetorical

No minor is capable of giving consent. The adult has all the power.

Here’s another article on the subject:

I fully agree and when i wrote that, i had no idea that the names were linked to the Epstein case, minor being involved.

Now, about consent i will use a classical exemple:

To get a job, a woman accepts a sexual relationship, Does she consent or not ?

In France, these last months, we had a number of sex scandals, some implying very known and liked people as one of the main TV newsman, or a celebrity in the world of ecology, ex minister.

Not talking about women not talking about a job and not talking about agreeing to sexual with relationships