Joe Manchin kills build back better on FOX NEWS!

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Just think if a GOPer or two had the balls to go against “the Party Line” and think about Country First.
Though, I think “Country First” is no longer in the lexicon of the GOPers.

No. It’s not a graphic of a dividing Corona virus.

It the division of the Partisan Virus

I was actually looking for another chart I had seen, but this works too

I don’t think it is the Liberals you have to worry about. It is the communists, sometimes going by the name of socialists. Watch Russia get off the radar screen because of Biden’s dealings with the Russians. They will go after Trump.

Democrats just need a little more time for Mitt Romney to finish buying his senate seat back and decide if he is a RINO or Republican. He is saying things like – He predicts Trump will win if he runs in 2024. Mitt so far has voted over 69% in line with Biden. Where the other Republican Utah senator Mike Lee has vote 26% in line with Biden. Mitt just won the Republican primary after receiving endorsement from Trump. I don’t think Pelosi counted on Mitt changing sides after he was bought and paid for. Mitt must know that Pelosi will even roll over Democrats to reach her goals.

Now there’s fake news if there is a thing. Faux News is nothing but propaganda and entertainment.

Now there’s fake news if there is a thing. Faux News is nothing but propaganda and entertainment. [quote=“mriana, post:5, topic:8722, full:true”]

1984 big brother - it didn’t happen

Dems got the majority don’t need GOP

What does that mean? “take on”? Manchin has a vote, he’s not an employee. Democrats don’t threaten to fund a competitor in the next primary like the Republicans do.

Who said anything about 1984? I just said Faux news is full of propaganda and not news. Faux news isn’t worth listening to and I don’t.

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TYT stretches out a sentence into a half hour.

Manchin’s comments about how we shouldn’t have a spending package when there is inflation are a lie, and he knows it. He gets his income from coal and he doesn’t want all that support from the government to switch over to cleaner energy. There are 50,000 people working in that shrinking industry, and a few millionaires, meanwhile, the fate of the planet depends on reduction of fossil fuel burning.

Joe Manchin has made $5.2M from his coal company — and gets big donations from fossil-fuel industry |

Manchin is concerned about the coal mining Company.
Not the coal miners.

“We are disappointed that the bill will not pass,” Cecil Roberts, president of the United Mine Workers of America, said in the statement on Monday. “We urge Senator Manchin to revisit his opposition to this legislation …”
The 131-year-old UMWA called out several items that it believes are crucial to its members and communities, including extending the fee paid by coal companies to fund benefits received by victims of black lung.
“But now that fee will be cut in half, further shifting the burden of paying these benefits away from the coal companies and on to taxpayers,” Roberts said.


And while he’s got your ear (Cecil Roberts)

“I also want to reiterate our support for the passage of voting rights legislation as soon as possible, and strongly encourage Senator Manchin and every other Senator to be prepared to do whatever it takes to accomplish that,” Roberts, the union president, said in the statement. “Anti-democracy legislators and their allies are working every day to roll back the right to vote in America. Failure by the Senate to stand up to that is unacceptable and a dereliction of their duty to the Constitution.”

And Democrats charade goes on, acting like they really are upset

:roll_eyes: They really are, but the BBB bill isn’t done yet. I’m sure we’ll continue to hear about it until it does pass.

What’s the charade? Are you saying a majority of Democrats, elected, voters, whatever, have worked on, assembled, stated support for, worked out the budgets, negotiated, only to pretend in the end that they didn’t have the votes? Is that what you’re saying?

Are you sure that the Republican aren’t just threatening to do what the Democrats are already doing.

Funding Cheney to dilute the Republican vote for Trump.

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The Dems let corporate America kill another progressive price of legislation. Their loser strategy was as predicted going to end up in the farce of today.

Some Democrats will try to keep the charade going. They’ll recommend the various provisions of the now DOA Build Back Better be broken out and voted on separately. All this will mean is that Manchin and the corporate interests behind him–the lobbyists and corporate supporters in the ranks of the Democrat party in the Senate–will simply have more chances to vote NO on separate provisions. The farce of trying to pass a real social spending stimulus bill will continue–with similar results.