It's Time to switch to Election Month

One month, say September. First week is Debate Week, where the candidates have three to five nights of debate. Second week is Decision week where everyone decides who they want to vote for then they vote. Weeks three and four are Counting weeks, when all counting is done WITHOUT a stitch of news coverage from any outlet. No MSNBC, no Fox, CNN, etc. Then on the last day of the Election Month, all political parties involved have to certify the results unanimously but in secret, with appropriate safeguards, etc. Again NO news coverage. And on that last day at a single predetermined announcement time, the cameras come on, Republican and Democratic Election Representatives jointly have a signing ceremony to verify the final counts, maybe have both of them swear on a bible (or whatever) with the Chief Justice presiding, that the results are accurate and acceptable to their party. Then together they hold a sign with the results.

Voting really needs to be election week, not election day. Maybe even election half month. It was nice this year to be able to stop in whenever I had time, even on a Saturday when I actually voted. And count the votes as they come in, but don’t let anyone access them. Have a hard-copy printout each night, but on a printer that’s locked in a box until the polls close.

All states would have to allow people voting more than one day and make mail in and absentee voting easier. Missouri’s mail in was complicated, especially with the need of a notary (specific notaries). As is, every state has different rules.

As for no news coverage, I’m a bit of a political animal. I feel a great need to watch the elections.

Elections have federal importance and I think they should be run federally under a single set of laws. “States rights” haven’t really been a legitimate concern for about 200 years. This is “The United States of America”, not “a group of states in America”. If it has nationwide consequences it should be run federally and uniformly.

That’s what I was kind of thinking, a federal function. And by no news outlets, I was kinda thinking specifically about this business of “calling the states”. Who cares that Fox called Arizona for Biden, or MSNBC called Florida for Trump. That has an effect, and they should knock it off. The tally shouldn’t be an opinion or even an opinionated calculation. It should be a verified, certified, fact.

Election Day works well for most people. A whole month of it might be too aggravating.