It's easier to believe

I usually don’t care too much for the show, but pretty good Ted Talk Radio Hour tonight. ]
Michael Shermer shows up late. A good section on the internet, how it’s counter intuitive that it should be easier to lie when we are anonymous and people can’t read our visual clues. But, the internet gives us so many fact checking tools too. It explains a lot about those people you argue with who seem to not know how to use google, or don’t understand that some links are better than others.

Are economists lying by not talking about how much consumers lose on the depreciation of Durable Consumer Goods?
But those goods were added to GDP when purchased as their replacements will be also.
What happened to most of the cars from the 1960s?
Yeah, hot dogs and hamburgers got added to GDP also, but economists knew they would be gone in less than one year.

For those who don’t speak Minnesotan, let me translate my OP.
This TED Talk radio hour was friggin awesome.

Concerning the word believe: I try not to use it because I would much rather place trust if what is fact rather than what “I believe”. Now I’m an old guy and have heard the term I believe used often all my life so it is difficult to never say the word because we are creatures of habit. That being said, I firmly BELIEVE we should all at least try not to use the word.