Is wave collapse the superimposition of coherent plane waves to a single wave pa

Is wave collapse the superimposition of coherent plane waves to a single wave packet and then spacetime assigns temporal and spatial dimensions to the wave packet to be physical and age?

If your jaw isn’t on the floor right now you aren’t paying attention.

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I just solved wave collapse …you have some nerve

And don’t argue with the mods

"I just solved wave collapse"
You haven't solved anything.

You haven’t demonstrated anything, . . . other than the sound of incoherent yapping.


Joey, you have some nerve.

Oh and Lausten can make all your all these profundities disappear with a wave of his wand - and no one will take notice.

Because you never took the time to notice anyone other than your own ego and vanity.

You are nothing but a demonstration of the kind of mentality that is taking our country straight down the toilet.

Nice to see you again too CC.

I watched the entire raw video of this when it first came out. I don’t know if that is still out there. It’s amazing how he keeps talking for so long, remembering things from decades ago and making cogent points on the present. It goes a little too far, I’m not “divorced” from humanity, but separated to some extent, still committed to the ideals though. But he makes some great points here about where humanity has ended up.

Same here Lausten. Also, I commend you for your excellent job of keeping the herd in line.

I don’t envy your ‘power’

Tru dat, about Carlin. He’s one of the voices that helped reassure me that I wasn’t the crazy one, in my confusion and disgust at the direction society, business, politics was going. Kennedy killed. Nixon and his dirty tricks. Reagan and his greed is good and wanton blatant rejection of physical reality and facts and the embrace of the Prosperity Jesus Pimps. Clinton reagan lite with a twist of left and way the hell too into his party to recognize the stakes he was gambling away. Gore, Clinton, rolling over for Republican bullies. Bush’s wanton blind eye to national security, Cheney the military profiteer supreme, and on and on into this hole that’s going to keep crumbling as we try to claw our way out. Stupid, stupid, stupid beyond fathoming, yet there is we are - literally destroying this society and planet’s biosphere fast as we can.

We knew damned well there was going to be hell to pay for our flippant, fathomless gluttony.


Why could we never appreciate we had achieved an amazingly good thing and that it was time to grow up and become aware, careful, respectful and nurturing toward the biosphere that supplies all our life support systems (with some help from the sun). To appreciate the hotter we burn, the faster we burn up.

Really simply straightforward shit that anyone who hadn’t drunk the Koolaid could clearly recognize. Thus we needed each other to keep ourselves honest. And the wisdom to appreciate that. A little self-deprecation, a willingness to respect other for their accomplishments, a bit of humor and humanity and empathy. Talk to the other, even if you don’t like them, appreciate we are all struggling humans, and so on and so forth.

But no, like a bunch of spoiled drunken a. h. frat boys . . . . .

For all the ridicule and dismissal I’ve receive all my days, it’s my darkest fears that keep seeming to become part of reality’s landscape.