Is Slipping?

I know that at least a few members here are fans of the site “”…me too.
I recently checked out their annual question and noticed that Ariana Huffington was a responder the this years question, and it made me wonder if the site is going to loose it’s scientific integrity soon?
Her, and her site are not scientifically reliable, obviously, does anybody think Brockman is dumbing it down?

One incident is an aberration. Let the editors know what you think and with any luck they won’t do anything else to dumb down the site.

I don’t think ever claimed to be a scientific site. Those who contribute there are people we (or rather Brockman) would consider leading intellectuals. I am personally always annoyed when they include philosophers at Edge or anywhere else on similar discussions, but it is fairly easy to ignore them.

BTW, has anyone watched Edge’s discussion with Napoleon Chagnon? (Including Dawkins, Pinker, etc.) And if you haven’t yet read his latest book, do so. IMO, one of the best and most important books I have ever read. It’s shocking, although not surprising, how political correctness of people who simply know better not only destroyed his career, but also his personal life. And all because he suggested that the Yanomamö* evolved (!) to be violent. How dare him!
*“Yanomamö” is the racist way of spelling the name of these people. The PC, non-racist one, would be either “Yanomami” or “Yanomama.”