I really hope this is wrong Tass

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Tass is owned by and funded in part by the Russian government.

As reputable as US saying there were WMDs in Iraq?

I’d say that is a good comparison. The difference is, our government said it and reporters just quoted it. They pointed out that sources for the claim were not great.

Thanks Scott Ritter john pilger Seymour Hersch etc al

@triplex69, you are the ambassador of vague. You remind me of the character hiding in the bushes on Laugh-in, smoking a cigarette, wearing a Nazi helmet. After a joke, he’d peer through the foliage and say, “very interesting” in a cheesy German accent. Sometimes he’d follow it with, “but schtupid.”

They’re anti-war pundits. Or Anti-US military adventure pundits.

It is a flimsy source, though. There are easier ways to cause chaos in Ukraine than bioweapons.