Humanism and progressiveness

That worked. There is an English translation.

Wow, this guy is afraid of everything modern. What an incoherent rant. I’d love to hear how he arrived at this definition of progressives:

“they abolish frontiers; they favor massive immigration; they work to create a new humanity from which would emerge a perfect, uniform individual, devoid of gender, prejudice, homeland, religion, root, an individual having only rights to defend and consumer desires to satisfy;”

One of my opponents answered that humanist values are not founded on science. He is partly right.

Opposed values are not more founded on science.

But reason and promises show that humanist values are more fruitful that the opposed ones, which lead to racism, totalitarisme, exploitation.

You can use science to show that, but science is nuetral on human survival. Isn’t it?

For me, science gives warnings and tips, and ways. The choices are made by men, according to their values.

Lenin has said that capitalists would sell the rope destined to be used to hang them, the matter is that to do that, they would hang us first.

For them, their profit is more important than survival of human civilisation and humanist values.

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Although I don’t agree with your more leftist opinions, I agree with this conclusion.

I think these same people do the same with feminism (of course feminism is also a part of progressivism). They pretend to fight against a “monster”, while in fact fighting against equality of rights and respect of basic dignity, in favour of arbitrary violence and domination.

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I’m not sure if this belongs here, but it seems related to this thread.

I have just discovered this guy, but every word he speaks resonates in my rain.