Gun regulation and cannabis

At the risk of creating more controversy, what’s your take on this?

If you own guns you can’t consume cannabis, I honestly don’t know how to feel about this one, I understand where they are coming from though, cannabis consumers don’t tend to be violent, quite the opposite, on the other hand they do tend to be careless or forgetful and that certainly doesn’t mix with guns at all



What about a good scotch?

Exactly! That’s what I was wondering too, alcohol by itself has been known to cause an awful lot of deaths and drinkers are not forced to put their guns down

I think that gun ownership should be licensed. In the licensure process, training should include an emphasis on the dangers of use of alcohol and drugs with guns on hand. Then outside of valid emergencies, any activity with your gun/s that is simultaneous with intoxication, should be grounds for license (and therefore gun) removal.

It is a little strange. Maybe they’re worried about creating a new kind of dealer, or legal users with guns coming into contact with more sketchy characters from the drug world.