GOP rising star Kari Lake - Does she have BDE or is it just BBB

Arizona MAGA Governor Candidate Kari Lake affirmed that: ‘women are not equal’

Arizona Democratic candidate for Governor Katie Hobbs has begun putting out a series of ads showing her opponent radical MAGA Republican candidate Kari Lake’s dangerous positions. In this first digital ad by Hobbs, Kari Lake is exposed saying that women are not equal to me. - MeidasTouch

Arizona’s Kari Lake celebrates BDE (um, “Big DeSantis Energy”) at right-wing lovefest

Far-right Arizona candidate, Kari Lake, honors Ron DeSantis’ manly attributes — oh, and embraces his extremist agenda too

By KATHRYN JOYCE, August 16, 2022

During a Sunday night political rally that began with a prayer, Arizona’s far-right Republican gubernatorial nominee, Kari Lake, quickly dived into insult comedy. The former Fox affiliate news anchor suggested her Democratic opponent, Katie Hobbs, looks better in a mask than without, made Trumpian puns about the names of other states’ Democratic governors (Gavin Nuisance, Gretchen Witchmer), and, not least, declared that both Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump possess “Big Dick Energy.”

Somewhat lost beneath the juvenile wisecracks and name-calling were the few but troubling policy positions Lake mapped out. Should she win the governor’s office in November, she said, she would ban homeless people from sleeping in tents near roadways; push for Arizona to return to a two-tiered education system, shunting some students away from general studies and into vocational ed; and “hire more cops and build more jails.” …

And regular people are okay with this, or is there something seriously wrong in Arizona?

The alternative?