Fifty years and still mourning our loss.

Riiiiigght. They had to do that to poor wee rodents and not look at history? Archaeology? Nature? They’d be arrested nowadays. That’s progress.

No they were wee little mammals!
Just like us. :slight_smile:
Plus you are being deliberately obtuse.
Party on.

The obtuseness is in claiming we knew something pivotal, whatever it was (put too many mice in box and they die?), half a century ago, something neo-Malthusian, and that we have no excuse for not dooming ourselves in the next thirty or three hundred years and it’s too late now?

Instantaneous global communication
Not to mention:

Nothing like that happened before, human knowledge and awareness of our planet and it’s situation, expanded like never before and it was disseminated to all reading thinking people.
And you’re trying to tell me all that was nothing.
How fast we forget.

The spoiled brats tearing through their Christmas presents, thoughtlessly tossing each aside in the frenzy to open yet more toys.

What, the ansible?

What has any of that got to do with reality? With politics? Democracy? The masses? TV? Advertising? Education? Russia? China? The 98% of humanity that isn’t WEIRD?

Were you a spoiled brat?

An ansible is a category of fictional devices or technology capable of near-instantaneous or faster-than-light communication. It can send and receive messages to and from a corresponding device over any distance or obstacle whatsoever with no delay, even between star systems. As a name for such a device, the word “ansible” first appeared in a 1966 novel by Ursula K. Le Guin. Since that time, the term has been broadly used in the works of numerous science fiction authors, across a variety of settings and continuities.[1]

Haha, when all else fails, ridicule and ignore what’s actually trying to be communicated.

Let’s see, how do the strategically developed memes that are feed to us, the masses, impact our expectations and consumer habits? How do our consumer and procreation habits impact this biosphere that provides our life support system??? Hmmm, can’t imagine any connection Martin? Think harder. Because now, who’s stepped outside the bounds of reality?

As for being raised a spoiled brat?
Nah, my Mom made sure of that, she being a WWII refuge, running from various moving front lines for her life and virtue (being a hottie teenager) and she knew the taste of starvation first hand - she made sure we didn’t take anything for granted.

You’re not communicating anything. Well not with regard to something other than a tiny minority of privileged Westerners could possibly have had a handle on, whatever it was, and blaming others. Moving on, how are we going to stop China and India burning all of Australia’s coal? And poor people in rain forests cutting the trees down?

Yeah, communicating is sort of like the Tango, it needs both parties participating. I’d say you aren’t listening. Instead you’re busy coming up with red herrings.

There’s nothing wrong with my hearing. What voices should have been listened to by whom 50-60 years ago? Apart from those of the oppressed? The victims of imperialism? Of the ruling class. Some were eventually by Johnson in the South. None were in Vietnam. Or southern Africa. Or Palestine. Or Ulster. I’m not aware of any significant voices apart from the critics of capitalism.

You say there’s nothing wrong with your hearing, then why are you changing the subject?

It’s like it all flew right over your head, and you have no interest in an actually exchange of constructive thoughts. I mean you seem absolutely unaware of science’s progress and the astounding revolution and reshaping of our understanding of this planet and humanity’s place in it, that occurred during those decades.

Then you pretend there weren’t various mega-million dollar effort totally focused on lying to and misleading the public regarding the insights science was achieving.

At first I found you interesting and challenging but now I’m thinking more and more that you’re little more than a smug intellectual vandal, and of course, we all know that pooping on straw men and breaking windows is so much easier that being constructive and building understanding.

The voices of scientific fact, and recognizing cascading consequences.
The voice of learning about our planet’s evolution and how we are actually children of Earth, not some heavenly fantasy.
The voices of parental responsibly towards our children and home planet.

That would have been a good start.

Instead, we choose the Hollywood fantasies that he who dies with the most toys wins, and too much is never ever enough! Wrapped in an arrogant disregard for truth, and others, and future consequences.

? who’s this addressed to.

I have no idea.

Who are you?

That’s very strange. You commented to me about someone you addressed as ‘you’ who is apparently pretending something that I’m not. And you don’t know who you is.

Oh, I know who I am.
It’s you, the riddler, that I’m confused about.

There’s the character behind those words.
But there’s a good chance the person writing those words (you) isn’t actually like the character (you?) those words imply, since I get the feeling much of what you write is for effect, rather than for discussion.

Your telling you, whoever that is, that they are pretending is not discussion.

I’m not “telling” you anything, I’m sharing my impression, and inviting a response.

For instance #35 seems more theater than discussion.

That’s self deprecating of you.

My point exactly, you come across as more theater than substance.

Theatre is substance.