Faux 3D TV ??

Will Kodi make my ordinary TV a 3D TV?

I ask because I have discovered it will play a 3D MP4 in 3D. IE in side-by-side or up and down formats . Is it worth getting some 3D glasses?

I kind of understand how 3D TV’s work, but obviously not enough.

No, it will not. Kodi just allows you to stream the content over your network. It doesn’t actually change how your TV shows that content.

The old 3D technology with the blue and red lenses was designed to be delivered on a regular screen, which is why it worked on anything. The newer 3D technology requires a special screen to deliver the content in 3D because it’s done very differently. I am not up on how it all works, but I believe there are at least a couple different technologies. The one I’ve seen in the theater, with the gray lenses, almost certainly worked by delivering different components in different polarities, allowing each lens of the glasses to selectively filter out various frames. Your current television is not capable of controlling the polarity of frames, or whatever they are doing to make it 3D.