Are Britan’s old imperialist intentions really over in the year 2013? :bug: The more things change, the more they stay the same, I guess.
“Tensions over Gibraltar - the rocky outpost at the mouth of the Mediterranean to which Spain lays claim - flared up this month after Spain complained that an artificial reef being built by Gibraltar would block its fishing vessels.”
Reuters: Gibraltar Conflict: Britain Considers Legal Action Against Spain]
Distance from England to Melborne, Austrialia: 10,533 mi (16,951 km)
Distance from England to the Falken Islands: 7,923 mi (12,750 km)
Distance from England to Taiwan (Chinese Taipai): 6,161 mi (9,915 km)
Discance from England to the British Virgin Islands: 4,087 mi (6,577 km)
Distance from England to the Rock of Gibraltar: 1,151 mi
Distance from England to the Isle of Man: 169.7 mi (273.1 km)
(from Wolfram Alpha)
England has claimed lands far and wide in the past because of their great
Royal Navy, and they still do.

England will send war ships to the rock of Gibraltar, their Prime Minister will call for action against Al-Assad’s Syria tyranny, but the parliament vote no on the Syria military action.
So do the England’s parliament value the rock of Gibraltar over Syria people? I do doubt that, but where are they values?
BBC: Syria crisis: Cameron loses Commons vote on Syria action]
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