Duterte is the Donald Trump of the Philippines

Duterte is a mirror image of Donald Trump both in his gutter language and his insincere apology. This is the kind of thing we can expect should US voters be stupid enough to elect a loudmouthed fool to the presidency. The difference is the United States is a world power and the Philippines is no more than a banana republic. The world can overlook an ignorant, insulting fool at the head of the Philippines, it won’t when it comes to the United States.
US President Barack Obama has cancelled a meeting with controversial Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who had earlier called him a “son of a whore”.
"Mr Duterte was responding to the US president’s promise to raise the issue of drug-related extra-judicial killings in the Philippines at their meeting.
The Philippine leader, known for his colourful language, has insulted prominent figures before, but this time it has had diplomatic consequences.
He has now said he regrets the remark.
“While the immediate cause was my strong comments to certain press questions that elicited concern and distress, we also regret that it came across as a personal attack on the US president,” a statement by his office said.