Dreamers reprieve and a Baby Bust

Two (at face value) seemingly unrelated topics.

1st, let’s look at the impending Baby Bust. The COVID pandemic and the concurrent severe economic recession may very well decrease the birth rate in the USA by as many as 500,000 babies NOT being born in the USA over the coming year.


That is not good. Just ask oneguy.

2nd, the other hot news is that the SCOTUS decided that the T rump did not follow proper procedure in trying to get rid of the dreamers (700,000 good productive individuals, some of which have become old enough over the past 8 years to have some babies of their own). This decision, made courtesy of one of the conservative Justices (Roberts) and the 4 decent Justices, only means that until the T rump admin goes back and follows the proper procedure, the DACA recipients can not be kicked out of the country. So if the T rump wins the election, they will likely be ejected next year.


I put these stories together for convenience, but also because, 1 remedy to a lower birthrate is to increase immigration. We don’t need to be getting rid of 700,000 good productive people and their American citizen babies (that some of them have) ALONG WITH a concurrent severe decline in our national birth rate.

Thusly losing well over 1 million people would not be good for the economy going forward.

I couldn’t even think about that.

But with the temporary protection granted by DACA, Ms. Montejano had the legal status to work two jobs, enabling her to earn enough to attend California State University, San Bernardino, where she graduated this week with a degree in math.

It felt like a race against time: Since the early days of President Trump’s administration, she and thousands of other beneficiaries of the program had seen their hopes alternately rise and fall, sometimes in the span of weeks,pantoufles koala as Mr. Trump sought to end the program and the courts issued a series of complicated rulings on whether he could do so.

“I was so worried that I might not be able to use my degree, that I might get deported,” said Ms. Montejano, 36, who enrolled in 2014 in DACA, which had been initiated two years earlier by President Barack Obama.