Don't de-platform me Sam

Sam Harris gets mentioned now and then on and around this forum. Here, he talks directly to his audience. He might have opened this episode completely to non-subscribers, but he always has a portion for free. He balances his critiques on Left and Right, as always.

His focus is on discussions that can’t be had right now, the idea of “giving something a platform”. I sometimes need to be careful with that word, because people close their ears as soon as I say it, and tell me I am advocating “de-platforming”. And I am, in the cases where the platform makes a statement, where the person speaking is not reasonable, does not allow facts to be checked, who has the ability to appear legitimate to an uninitiated audience.

Sam says it better than I do, if you’re interested. CFI doesn’t have the audience that Sam does, but the same principles apply. When someone comes on and says they have proof of God, we handle that with our participants. When someone posts in every category, linking to bad sources, and challenging without using facts and logic, that’s a problem.