COVID sniffing dogs. "Good Girl!"

Amazing, absolutely amazing.
Oh wait a minute, dogs are super sniffers, all around.

These Dogs Are Trained To Detect Covid Infection At Miami Airport - YouTube
September 10, 2021
Rachel Maddow reports on a new program at Miami International Airport that uses dogs trained to sniff out Covid infection as a preliminary check of airport staff arriving to work.

Can dogs detect the novel coronavirus? The nose knows..

By Frances Stead Sellers
AUGUST 18, 2020

Canine studies aim to develop a quicker, more accurate test for the coronavirus

The science of sniffs: disease smelling dogs

19 June 2020

Posted by: Mia Rozenbaum
The science of sniffs: disease smelling dogs | Understanding Animal Research | Understanding Animal Research

Well there’s still some cool news to be found out there.

OMG! I feel horrible for those dogs.

Why? It’s not like they can get COVID-19 like all of us primates (humans, gorillas, chimps, etc) and cats (domestic and large) can. They’ll be alright even if it gives them a bit of the sniffles. Dogs don’t actually get COVID-19. Their bodies can resist it better than other animals can and they can be quite helpful to catch it before it gets too bad, just like they detect cancer. Just like cats, dogs love having a job too. In fact, unlike cats, they (or many of them) love to serve humans and go out of their way to serve humans.

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How’s it go? Dog made human’s global travels possible.
and Cats protected farmers from grain eating rodents.

It’s not unreasonable to assume that humans would have never managed to advance near as far as we have, without their help.

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Animals helping other animals to advance in life. In return, they got paid with warm homes, food, water, medical care… Can’t say dogs and cats are stupid given that got jobs helping humans and got all of that in return.

Very astute.

That’s a recurring theme throughout nature and evolution. Both in the visible world and in the universes that are invisible to our gaze.

Plus I think my little Maddy dog really does like my presence. She runs off to do her things, but always returns and keeps me within her gaze.

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That can even be so true in slavery. When one group accepts the conditions of said condition, then all parties are happy.

My God the love will soon follow me after this post. So just because dogs and cats are of a greater lesser intelligence, then it means it’s ok for us to exploit them for our own purposes? So in the animal kingdom all that is lacking intellect in comparison to our own are rightfully given doggie treats for their good deeds. In any other culture that would be horrific, but when we do it to dogs as we breed them to becoming nice pink white poodles that win us the “best in show” award, all morality of how we got to that point really doesn’t matter.

I’ve envisioned a future where we’ve genetically modified a cow’s brain to have an intellect that of a human. I get visions of a Cow Lawyer putting humans on trial for the atrocities committed by OUR race. Once the Bison get their intellect you’ll see the Native Americans running for their lives for all the genocide they’ve committed against the peace-loving bison over the past ten thousand centuries.

Those poor dogs being forced to smell the butts of the infected seems almost as bad as the dogs being addicted to cocaine so that they could track humans attempting to traffic it through the airports. If humans are being given a scale of altruism within the animal kingdom, I’m sure more questions of morality will come up.

The worst part is yet to come. You can condemn all this as evil, but you still exist in this world accepting it for what it is for all the horrors in which you seemingly ignore. Maybe you’re a vegetarian and refuse to eat meat. Maybe you feel better bringing down your molars on the very plant-life that gives you the air you breathe. In the world of earth ecology, you ARE the virus. Not just in global climate, but in other far worse things that had affected the environment in ways you could never have perceived. So long as the information is given to you in a nice box of intellectual authoritarians, you’ll never question your sources.

The trees are another group not too happy either way, as tunnels have been forged within their crotches and beyond giving way for your car to drive through, this in itself should be a moral dilemma for a truly altruistic humanist. Or maybe you live in a nice big house carved from the flesh and bones of the living forest. If a genetic intervention were ever to occur upon the herbal community then I suggest refraining from answering such call to your wooden door. So long as you can hide behind it, you’ll never be burden with the guilt of your ancestors.


I’m being over the top.

Have I got a book for you.

The Giving Tree

I want a gun to protect myself from others

I want no vaccination to protect myself from others.

I’m not sure there are many still reading your posts. I know I stop reading after that sentence.

Hey CC, I filed this on my computer to read later. I decided to at least organize the links people on this forum give me because it feels disingenuous to say I’ll read what they sent and then never get around to it. It may come late but I’ll get back to you on this later.

I just blew off first time I read it, but have just finished a nice tequila drink here and am feeling talkative …

“My God the love will soon follow me after this post”

What the hey is that about?


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Sorry, but I always assume the worse of responses to my posts.