China builds infrastructure while America bombs

Laos is a great example. From the most bombed country in history courtesy of the US to one of the most sophisticated rail network courtesy of china

I’d like to see @thatoneguy chirp in on this one, since he thinks China is taking over the US.

Laos is in China’s sphere of influence so it’s not surprising.

“ The Financial Times, for one, ran with a cynical article headlined ‘Laos to open Chinese-built railway amid fears of Beijing’s influence’. It implied that somehow Laos feels threatened or fears the construction of this very pioneering railway project (which the country’s own leader made sure he was the first to travel on). This suggestion of ‘fears of Chinese influence’ has become a common feature on such stories, which seek to cast doubt over anything positive China may be achieving or doing.”

Yes, China is the current boogyman in Western media. Or should I say one of the boogymen.

China is a totalitarian state with imperialistic views.

In China, 1984 is not a novel, it is set up methodically, computer watching of citizens, rewriting of history and so .

One must be afraid. because China is powerful.

Imperialism through joint ventures in building critical infrastructure