Busy Week in Slovakia.

In the same week when Ireland changed its anti-abortions law, our parliament started to negotiate about accepting our own anti-abortion law. It certanly did came from the conservative right, but it was far-right movement led by Marián Kotleba.
On the negotiations in the parliament was present our local “Jerry Falwell type” priest Marián Kuffa.

The guy with the doll.
(The old lady in front of the doll isnt supporting anti-abortion law. Her name is Anna Remiášová, and she is the mother of Robert Remiáš, who has been murdered in 1996. The reasons for his murder are widely speculated, but former prime minister Meiar took measures to cover up his murder - he issued a decree which ordered police and prosecution to not investigate. Since his death she visits our parliament).
On thursday 24th of may was attacked a filipino tourist in Bratislava, when he was defending some of his friends from local brawlers - probably supporters of far right. Henry (34) died yesterday, while on the same day the attacker was released, and will waiting for the trial free.