Biden says no to USA troops invading Ukraine

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Good! Sounds like he’s putting America First.
The last thing we need is another long drawn out large military deployment.

Biden is trying to work it out diplomatically, not like a previous administrations tendency to try and show off that they have a bigger … stick.

I bet world leaders are more willing to work with Biden than with the previous dumpster fire.

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What mrmhead said. President Biden isn’t being a warmonger. The human species cannot survive with constant wars and weapons of death. It needs to stop. Besides, war does not help the economy. The money needs to be spent on the people via health care, infrastructure, clean water, healthy food, shelter, etc. and not war.

Just follow what has been going on. The Burisma Group gets the Ukraine to buy a billion-dollar drilling rig. Puts former CIA director Joseph Cofer Black on the board. Along with Hunter. No, I don’t see Biden wanting to start a war in Ukraine.

Russia has redlines too

Russian army has limits to its efficiency. Remember how she performed in Chechnya.

If Russia attacks Ukraine, West can help it without sending troops.

Putin is a dictator, he is no mad.

Russia won’t attack anyone. Redlines lines are expansion of NATO and weapon sales. Unacceptable

America only attacks countries that are conventionally much weaker than itself.

Yeah this accurate no matter how we look at it.

Perhaps Biden is taking a page from the previous administration since it’s the only one in the last 40 years to not have started any wars.

Assange condemned to death…