Benfords law and serial killers

Hello. I’m just learning about this Benfords Law thing and I’m totally interested. I love true crime and was wondering if Bendfords law could be used in cases when trying to figure out the true number of murders that serial killers claim to have. I know it’s a little morbid of a question but just curious. Thanks for any info provided.

I think Benford’s Law is for seeing if large sets of existing data are possibly faked rather than determining what a data point might be, isn’t it?

Regardless, there probably aren’t enough serial killers, and they probably don’t kill enough people, to use Benford’s Law for anything like you’re asking.

Feel free to make a list of the number of people killed by every serial killer you can find reliable data for and see if it fits the curve. If it does, you can make a probability statement about future serial killers, but with a pretty low reliability score that will make it more of a fun guesstimate than a piece of data you can use in your research.

Have fun and keep me posted on what you find.



Have fun and keep me posted on what you find.
Do keep me posted if he keeps you posted. I'd like to have fun too.