Are you really psychic?

In my country, there are many psychic. They have the super powers that I know it is: can talk to the dead. They can see someone will die next time in about a week …
They get this super power after a near death. But they did not know how they came to live again and naturally saw many things they had not seen before.
Recently, however, the authorities have turned on some bad psychics. These psychic, self-built script, build the evidence is not true. As the martyrs of the martyrs forging by cattle fog …
So, I do not know if it is true. Let me know!

What country is that? Do these psychics with super powers have names?
So, if I understand you, the government has conspired to create fake psychics to discredit the real psychics, and now you aren’t sure what is real. Is that what you are saying?