Another broken Biden promise- weapons to Saudi Arabia

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They are ALL the same. Just choose which side of the toilet you go down. In the US it’s different sides of well right of centre. The core injustices are never met.

So you’re saying a politician didn’t do what he said while he was campaigning for office.

Well, that’s gotta be a first!


No wonder people are pissed off and could not be bothered to vote

I don’t think it discourages voting. Selling weapons is one of the most bipartisan efforts we got going. The Senate vote for it was 67-30.

Let’s see how much of the democrats base show up in the 2022 elections with the litany of broken promises. No point turning up when the choice is between fake leaders. At the moment approval ratings are awful

Not as bad as the Dotard’s were.

It’s just really awful 1 year in not even

Well, well, well seems Joe biden is breaking more promise’s he made what A shame truly he is right in everything. It just means Biden is copying Donald Trump means acts of failure. And going to his standards means he does not know what is he is doing -_-.

Always weird to hear Presidents being held to some imagined, unspecified standard. It’s not how people think.

No. Not the same std. it should be higher. They are elected for a reason

Of course it should. Our electoral system is totally messed up. Most people are unaware of how the two major parties took over the debate format, pushing out third party candidates.

We get two crappy choices, or we can make some sort of statement that very few people hear. The job is then mostly unsupervised as we saw recently, the checks and balances are not that hard to skirt around.

Move it a step back and the parties should hold their members to a higher standard. Not let someone in just because they can get votes.

Most of what happens, such as the economy getting better or worse, during a president’s first year in office is due to the previous president. Most of the awful first year of President Biden is due to the Dotard, not President Biden. People don’t seem to understand that, but you study economy or politics in college, you learn this.

What promises has he broken? BTW some things a president doesn’t have much control of because they have to go through congress too and if the House or the Senate aren’t of his party or on his side, then he won’t have a chance, but it’s not all his fault.

Actually, there are more parties out there, but not all make it to the ballets. There are the Independents, which most know of, the Working Party, Democratic Socialists, Socialists, Communists, Green Party, and more.

There’s 3 years to go. I’ll bet his approval rating reaches higher than trumps ever did.

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They will not he will not even get A bag of peanuts dreadful Biden.

was that your q’anon approved statement trying to make a subliminal link between Biden and Carter?

I’d still take Carter over trump

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The days of 60% approval ratings are kind of over. Let’s not forget that Trump didn’t even win the approval rating of the voters, just the electorals, which aren’t the same approval. Trump was 37% at this point in his first year. The worst in a long time.

This isn’t actually all bad. 50 years ago, we appeared to all agree on culture, but that’s because people were being actively cut out of the process. The disapproval we have now is democracy in action, more voices, less consensus.