All Republicans are liars as well as corporate Democrats including Manchin and Biden

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And what do you expect Biden to do about Manchin? Threaten him or his family with bodily harm?

Threaten his daughter with imprisonment

On what charge? Obstruction of legal proceedings , like Jan 6?

Without citation that statement is a meaningless noise.

Someone is not keeping abreast with the world around them

Enlighten me with just one citation from among the millions of newsworthy stories.
Are you keeping abreast with the world around you? Are you in politics or in the practice of disseminating false information and propaganda? Which is it?

Sounds like something the previous administration would have done…
or perhaps they did.
Maybe he did. It’s certainly possible, You never know what goes on behind those doors.
I wouldn’t doubt if he did something like that.
He probably did.
I don’t know…
(sound familiar?)

But it’s not quite as personal and physically/emotionally gratifying as kissing the ring, which the wannabe mob boss most certainly liked.

“All Republicans are liars”

Just not all admit to it:
The schmuck that called in to President Biden on Christmas eve:

Schmeck initially said he was not a Trump supporter and was merely joking, but on Monday, he wore a red MAGA hat during an appearance on a podcast with Steve Bannon, the former Trump adviser under scrutiny over the Jan. 6 riot.

“Donald Trump is my president, and he should still be president right now,” Schmeck said.