Abrams, ORourke, Palin et al

How do folks like Abrams, Beto Orourke, and numerous others that seem to be in perpetual getting elected mode, how do they earn a living? Most people have mortgages, bills, etc. but these guys (and repubs too like Palin) always seem to be doing political stuff. How do they survive?

Wealthy donors, business investments, book deals, speaking engagements, to name a few. There is a whole infrastructure nowadays that supports candidates. It’s all professional.

Now you got me curious. This leaves some gaps. Note, also how rich businessmen don’t get these questions

Funny, I never thought of those ways, but it makes sense.

A best-selling book is a great way to make money. If you are already rich, you can have it ghostwritten and repeat some rhetoric, and people will eat it up. If you are someone like Bernie Sanders, you can work your butt off for peace and justice during your younger years, gain recognition and a following, then put those ideas into a book.

Most of the books candidates put out are very forgettable and don’t sell much, but they can get nice advances.

I don’t like being the language police, but you do this a lot.

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