A Saint I Never heard of.

Another extraordinary story concerns the relicas of Saint Guinefort from the village of Sandrans, north of Lyons. Though a Saint, Guinefort was not a person but a heroic pet greyhound! One day when his owner was absent, a large serpent approached the cradle of the owners child. Guinefort attacked and killed the snake but was badly hurt himself. The child crawled away into another room. When the parents returned they found the both the cradle and the dog covered in blood. Assuming Guinefort had attacked the baby, they killed him but later found the baby safe and the snake torn to pieces. Local peasant women began to “visit the place and honor the dog as a martyr in quest for help for their sicknesses and other needs,” particularly for the greyhound to cure sick babies. - from the birth of the West: Rome, Germany, France and the Creation of Europe in the Tenth Century - Paul Collins.
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Another damn snake got its due.

Other place, same story]. I once was there on holiday.
Today we would say an urban legend…

Are you implying the Catholic Church does not properly vet its saints?