A Possible Advancement of the Scientific Method

There are two blog posts that I wrote that explore this idea. One is titled Something Aint Right & the other is titled: Deep Sobriety in the Sciences.

Rooted in the methodological naturalist paradigm, which focuses on the employment of the tool (in this case the diagram below) to see what it reveals rather than automatically taking on its philosophical schools of thought.

I am inspired by Arnold Lazarus and technical eclecticism which desires to employ the psychological practices to see how it affects the cognitive, affective, and behavioral dimensions of the person without the need to saddle one’s observations through a particular school of thought. I desire to adopt this approach to the following practice below:

I am curious what people think about the need to update the Scientific Practice to include an interior dimension of consideration and cultivation of the mind to foster more robust creative innovation and discoveries while while addressing human bias and prejudice.

But adopting a new scientific practice is just another school of thought, no?
How often do we need such depth of inquiry in every day life?
Seems to me that our deep thinkers do already use most of these disciplines when considering these profound considerations.

Technical eclecticism refers to selection of applicable techniques and procedures irrespective of the theory from which they are derived . In other words, it is an emphasis on techniques rather than theoretical arguments.
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