A good story

The Earth is in terrible trouble and Jesus decides he’d better come down and have a look for himself. He lands on a highway in Arizona and before long a truck driver pulls alongside and says, “Want a lift?” Jesus says “That’d be very nice, Thank you.” and hops in.
The trucker says, “Hungry?” “I could eat,” says Jesus and the trucker hands him a sandwich. Jesus says, “That’s very kind.” The driver says, “How about something to drink?” Jesus accepts and the trucker then says, “You know what would go real good with that? Something to smoke,” and he hands Jesus a fat Marijuana joint.
Jesus is eating, drinking and puffing away on the heavy joint and says, “You’ve been so nice to me, I feel I should tell you the truth. I’m not just an ordinary hitch-hiker. I’m really Jesus Christ.”
The truck driver smiles and says, “Yeah. Great weed, isn’t it?”

It is good that one of the first things Jesus did on his return, was to get stoned. Omnipotent deities should always have a mellow perspective. Vengeance, jealousy, and egocentrism are not attractive qualities in omnipotent deities, IMO.

Arizona? I guess that Jesus in your story is Caucasian then… Otherwise it’d be back to Mexico for the son of god…